Digital photography and its related software tools, allows us to make massive steps down a visual creative journey that was simply not possible or too difficult to do in the analogue world.

Other than the digital camera, the prime digital-liberator is of course the dreaded Photoshop (PS). Why “dreaded”? Well...its because of the PS paradigm of "anything at anytime". This gives its users a giddy-ing array of things to do to a photograph. Anything-at-anytime presents people with a key conundrum: you won't live long enough to apply all the permutations that PS has to offer. Fact!

So what do you do: what can you do? You can turn to that vast library of publications and buy books and magazines and spend hours trying to figure out what they are trying to say…or you can attend one of our Photoshop courses and workshops in France where we give you expert, hands-on, one-to-one tuition. Also fact!

Whilst you think about which course you want to attend at Studio Lavelette, here’s a taster as to how to add a texture to your image – but remember that one-on-one is the best method of learning and I will be covering this topic in much greater depth and breadth. Fusing more than one image together at the gateway of the visual creative journey. Read on....

Date first published - 19 March 2012
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