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Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course - FAQ

Photoshop workshops in France

The Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course is for those who want to learn how to attain a Royal Photographic Society* Licentiate Distinction

*Note: Your tutor, Don McCrae holds both the RPS's Licentiate and Associate Distinctions.

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Who is the Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course for?

How long is the Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course?

What does the Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course cover?

What does a Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course cost and what does the price include?

When are the Photo MAESTRO - RPS Courses for 2024?

Booking a Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course

How do I get to Studio Lavalette?

Essential things to bring


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Who is the Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course for?

In response to a growing number of requests from our clients, we’ve tailor-made a Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course to help people attain a Royal Photographic Society Licentiate Distinction.

In our state-of-the-art media studio and working with your images, we’ll show you how to deeply understand with the RPS judges are looking for; the standards by which you are assessed; how to edit and prepare your photos; and how to print.

In a group of 6 people or less, and an expert to lead the hands-on training, you’ll learn more in five days than trying to wrestle with yourself over five months!

And if you’ve attended one of our other Courses, you'll get a 15% discount off this Photo MAESTRO – RPS price – woo hoo!

If the Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course is not for you, click on the links below and have a look at the other Courses and Workshops on offer:

Photo HERO

Photo EXPO

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How long is the Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course?

A Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course lasts 6 days and starts with our Welcome Dinner on a Saturday at 19:15, when we run through the Course Program.  The Photo MAESTRO- RPS Course ends after dinner on the following Friday - you leave the next day, a Saturday. 

A day consists of two Sessions, each lasting a minimum of 3-4 hours  – that’s over 40 hours of expert tuition, but there's plenty of time to relax, read, go for a stroll, or take a dip in the pool. Teaching takes place on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - Tuesday is your day off!

Our times are flexible, as we may go for dawn, or sunset shoot, or take a picnic lunch somewhere, but on a typical day Continental Breakfast is served at 9:00 with the first Session starting at 10:00.  We break for lunch at 13:00, and with the exception of the last day, the afternoon Session starts at 14:00 and ends at 17:00.  Dinner is served at 19:15.

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What does the Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course cover?

A Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course addresses in detail all the salient points the RPS is looking for, namely:

•    how to make the best possible presentation;
•    how to show the best possible camera techniques;
•    how to deliver the best possible editing techniques;
•    how to demonstrate the best possible visual awareness;
•    how to produce the best possible communication; and
•    why a range of photographic skills must be in your panel of 10 images 

To achieve the above, it is a pre-requisite that you are shooting RAW files and have some familiarity with Photoshop.  We will be using Photoshop a lot so the Course will also cover:  

•    Levels, Curves, Adjustment Layers, Blending Modes and even more Layers – why they are key;
•    when and how to use the Clone Stamp, Spot Healing Brush, Transforms, Liquify Tool and other filters etc;
•    how to use a Wacom tablet effectively and why a mouse is of little use;
•    when and how to use Smart Objects;
•    Histograms, Color Management and the importance of Calibrating your Monitor;  
•    B&W conversions - which is the best method and offers the most control over the process;
•    printing and image storage – how and when to Sharpen; and how print photos properly as well as safeguarding their future;
•   personalised notes relating to the Course, with how-to’s and “Don’s Scripts”; and
•    ….lots, lots more!



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What does a Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course cost and what does the price include?

The price for the Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course is £1,499.00. We are pleased to welcome your non-photographer partner/friend to accompany you at a cost of £799.00.  Prices include:

  • dinner (with wine), bed, breakfast and lunch for 7 nights and 7 days;
  • free collection from, and return to, Angoulême railway station*;
  • transportation to and from on-location photo-shoots;
  • occasional use/trial of our stock of digital cameras, lenses and lighting equipment;
  • 4 x A4 prints of your best work;
  • printed/PDF notes of all Course presentations and tutorials;
  • on-site Wi-Fi;
  • local taxes;
  • online post-Course support;
  • use of the Studio, grounds and swimming pool; and
  • a 15% discount off any future Studio Lavalette Courses or Workshops you attend – we want to see you again!

The cost of the Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course does NOT include:

  • your own health, travel, holiday and photo equipment/clothes insurance;
  • *if you are arriving into/departing from either Bergerac, Bordeaux or Limoges airports there is a charge of 120 Euros per trip in each direction; and
  • your transportation costs from your home to either Angoulême railway station or Bergerac, Bordeaux or Limoges Airports and vice versa.

All Terms and Conditions are on the Booking webpage, which you will find here.

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When are the Photo MAESTRO - RPS Courses for 2024? 9B4X4570.3_B&W_Sharp_FINAL9B4X4570.3_B&W_Sharp_FINAL

All Photo MAESTRO - RPS Courses for 2024 will start at 19:15 on a Saturday, with our Welcome Dinner and end at after dinner on the following Friday - you leave the next day, a Saturday. 


Arrival Date Departure Date Places
Sat 8-Jun Sat 15-Jun Open
Sat 12-Oct Sat 19-Oct Open


Special Note: If the airline timetable doesn’t fit with our dates, do let us know and, (for discounted price), we’ll do our best to accommodate you in the Studio either before or after the Course.

To checkout the Availability of Places, please follow this link, which opens a new webpage.

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Booking a Photo MAESTRO- RPS Course

You can easily book a Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course by following this link.

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How do I get to Studio Lavalette?

We have comprehensive notes on how to get to Studio Lavalette that you will find on this page.

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Essential things to bring 9B4X2864_Rotated&Cropped_Sharp_FINAL9B4X2864_Rotated&Cropped_Sharp_FINAL

For those coming on the Photo MAESTRO - RPS Course, we recommend you bring the following photo-shoot essentials:

  • your camera, lenses, camera bag, memory cards, battery charger and any other equipment you might have/need;
  • a laptop, if you have one;
  • a selection of up to 30 of your best photographs;
  • comfortable clothes and walking shoes – there’s no serious hiking involved, but we will get out and about;
  • a hat/cap or sun cream – the sun can get quite strong here; and
  • an anorak – it does rain!

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