Our neighbour at Studio Lavalette is Trish Garside and she spends hours a day tending to the wonderful growing collection of plants in her garden. A few weeks ago she gave me permission, (and a cup of tea), to shoot her flowers for a couple of hours.

I confess I'm no flower aficionado so unable to tell you which photo is what plant. But....I can tell you I used a 100mm macro lens, a tripod and got down, deep and low to take these photographs.

Like children, you cannot shoot flowers by standing over them and looking down. You have to move yourself to their height. And if this means lying on your front to get the shot, then lie on your front you must!

Sadly the web does no justice to the clarity of detail in these images, however believe me they're pin-sharp. One the Photo HERO aims is to show you how to get your images pin-sharp, with no camera shake - I'll also show you how to crop your photos into a square format - like most of the images below.

Come to our Photo HERO photo holiday courses and I'll show you how to shoot up-close and personal and get the very best images from a macro lens - if you don't have one, you can borrow mine.

I'll also show you how to achieve the effect in Fleurs - 5 - it's quick, easy, loads of fun and doesn't involve complicated filters in Photoshop or putting grease all over your lens!

To learn more about our photo holiday courses and workshops, and the Photo HERO Course in particular please follow this link.
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