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Snapseed is a smart phone and iPad app for photos that has been developed by Nik Software - now owned by Google.

You open image in Snapseed then, select from about 15 effects and the apply it by sliding your finger from left to right across the phone's screen - so there is some degree of user input and control in the editing process.

All these photos were taken using my iPhone, which then I edited using Snapseed. The whole process was great fun and I recommend you have a go. I will almost certainly use some of the texture images, (in the bottom row below), in future Photoshop-based projects.
Minnihaha Park - MinnesotaLe Grand CrohotBryon's Pool - CambridgeOutside Villebois-LavaletteTrees - Minneapolis Institute for the ArtsFloor 1 - CambridgeFloor 2 - CambridgeSurface 1 - LondonSurface 2 - LondonSurface 3 - London