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Panoramas are enormous fun to take and make - even if you've no idea what a "nodal point" is! And the great thing is there's any number of fantastic vistas near Studio Lavalette where we can go and shoot panoramic images - and the really great thing is, you don't need a special camera: a regular point and shoot will do nicely!

If you're just starting out with a digital camera, why not come on our Photo HERO photo holiday course and I'll show you exactly how to take and make stunning panorama images - to learn more, please follow this link.
Villebois-Lavalette - from the road to IsleVillebois-Lavalette - Panorama from the Top of the HillVillebois-Lavalette - from the Ring RoadVillebois-Lavalette - Les HallesAubeterre - Looking EastDordogne Valley - from TremolatHidden Falls, St Paul, Minnesota - looking EastCity of London - from Waterloo Bridge