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The French Factor - Countryside Near Studio Lavalette

The gentle curves of the rolling hills of the Charente region are a paradise for walkers. There're 43 Charente en Pied walks on our doorstep, with splendid ancient sites and an abundance of flora and fauna. You can see: dolmens at St Brice; medieval gardens in the Abbey at Tusson; monolithic churches carved out of the rock in Gurat and Aubeterre. You can experience panoramic views from limestone cliffs or archaeological sites at Roc de Sers. At the Lac de Mas Chaban you will see a profusion of herons, grebes, ducks and terns.

There are many watermills dotted all along the Dronne, Lizonne and Charente rivers. There’re plenty of woods with deer and great swooping birds of prey. If you bring your own bikes (velo) there’s 450km of the Charente to be discovered on a velo - quite!
Road and Tree - GoutsBarley Fields - St CybardCorn Field - St Paul LizonneHedgerow - FouquebruneCorn Field- St Paul de LizonneFields and Trees - Salles LavaletteFlowers - ChapdeuilCattle - Nr Auriac de BourzacMillions of Sunflowers - Auriac de BourzacCornfields - Nr LuisgnacFields - Auriac de BourzacFlowers - Bourdeilles